Students received an email on April 11,  announcing the discontinuation of OrgSync. OrgSync has been important facet of life on campus at Fairfield. The digital platform has been heavily utilized by both administration and student organizations.

OrgSync will get a new face on July 8, 2019, according to the Office of Student Engagement. While students are enjoying their summer vacation, OrgSync will become Campus Labs Engage, a new platform with a similar but updated structure. According to the website for Campus Labs, OrgSync was bought by and became part of Campus Labs. “As a unified company,” the update reads, “we are now in a perfect position to leverage a greatly expanded student involvement data set to advance engagement and retention.”

The shared hope is that Campus Labs Engage will be an improvement upon OrgSync. “I think that Orgsync is an effective tool that helps keep the Fairfield community updated on university information and events going on around campus,” said Jakob Matala ‘22. “However from both a user as well as administrator point of view, I feel that OrgSync can sometimes be hard to use as information is not always clearly organized. I would like the new platform to hopefully be more user friendly, and can organize data effectively so users can easily access information without the hassle of having to tediously search for it.”

Based on the information provided on their website, Campus Labs Engage focuses more on analytics compared to OrgSync. There are several functions that allow the user to analyze how many students go to events, retention and success rates, accountability and student engagement.

Such data can be displayed in graphs, giving the organizer a clear picture of every variable. “With powerful analytics, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions, evolve your practices, and transform the student experience,” the Campus Labs website claims.

First-year Gabbie Borhi did not find an issue with the existing platform. “OrgSync is fine,” she said. “I don’t see any problems with it, and I feel like we shouldn’t be switching programs since everyone already learned how OrgSync works.”

In the email out to students a survey was linked, a form on OrgSync, about the proposed new names of the platform. Some possible names included: The Fulcrum and Fairfield Insider. The survey closed on April 19, and the results have yet to be announced.

As for how the switch will impact students, time will have to tell. Next semester, when student organizations kick off for the year, Campus Labs Engage will have the chance to prove itself.



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