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A Fairfield parking ticket shows the signature of “Officer 87” alongside a photo of the real Officer C. Ervin, who is wearing a mask and covering his nameplate to maintain his mysterious reputation.

The Mirror: You are known to many students as just “Officer 87,” but what is your real name?

Officer 87: C. Ervin. I’ll leave it with just the first initial to keep an air of mystery…

TM: Have you ever worked in other types of law enforcement?

87: Yes,  I used to be a police officer in Fairfield and I knew a little bit about the campus before I came here because I worked basketball games,  dances, and other events.

TM: How do you like this [job] compared to being a Fairfield police officer?

87: It’s very different.  As a police officer I dealt with people of all ages and backgrounds and here it is mostly students.  It’s a very different setting.

As a police officer you deal with severe crimes and here there are some crimes, but not on the same scale as a police officer might deal with.

TM: You are mostly known for your parking tickets. What else do you do when you are on duty?

87: I assist with traffic details, organize parking for large meetings, assist with vendors on career day, and sometimes help other officers on duty when they are busy.

TM: Where do you think you give out the most tickets?  Where are the ticket hotspots?

87: Canisius and Bannow definitely. It’s convenient for students going to class there.

TM: Is there any fooling you, or will you always find the illegally parked cars?

87: Oh yeah, I mean the kids are smarter than I am, but I have my little methods and they give themselves away sometimes too.

TM: Have you ever seen students put an old ticket on their window to be sneaky?

87: Oh yeah, all the time!  I know where I’ve been and if  I see an envelope that looks a little suspicious then I’ll definitely check it out.

TM: Have you ever been there when public safety towed a car?  And how many cars do you think are towed in a year?

87: Oh yes, last year they towed 55 cars!  After the cars get towed, they go to a lot on the Bridgeport/Fairfield town line.

TM: What is the highest number of tickets you’ve given out in a day?

87: In one day, I’ve given out anywhere from 50 to 75 tickets.  And I don’t have a quota, even though a lot of people think that I do.

TM: Has public safety ever considered charging higher fees for full campus parking rights?

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87: It probably will not happen because there are so many cars here and such limited parking. If you gave everyone here that privilege it could be a madhouse with cars everywhere.

Faculty or staff could lose their spots and it would create traffic issues. I’ve heard people say that the school should build a garage behind Alumni Hall but that would probably cost a lot of money and people would have to monitor and patrol that garage.  Parking here is not an easy fix.

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