Whether you miss your dog or are just an animal lover, Puppy Bowl III on the Animal Planet is not an event that you want to miss.

Puppy Bowl III aired at 3 PM yesterday and lasted for three hours leading up to the Super Bowl kickoff. The show was played for twelve hours nonstop.

The show puts groups of puppies in an enclosure shaped like a football stadium then record them as they play with each other and the toys provided. While this may sound boring, there is pretty much nonstop action because the puppies have a lot of energy.

“(Puppy Bowl III) might just be the best thing I’ve ever seen,” said Todd Bingham ’08. “It’s probably more amusing than the Super Bowl.”

In addition to watching the show and enjoying the cuteness that is half a dozen puppies running around in a pen, you can go online to www.animalplanet.com and vote for your favorite puppy. By halftime, over 1,000,000 people had voted and the runaway favorite to win is leading by over 100,000 votes.

Larry, a 12-week-old Vizsla mix, got the most votes by a long-shot with just under 400,000 votes and won the most valuable puppy award. Rounding out the top five vote getters are Bomber, the Samoyed; Quesadilla, the mixed Terrier; Jackson, the Golden Retriever; and Spencer, the Border Terrier.

But this show did not only feature puppies, but also kittens.

Kittens were the stars of the halftime show. In the middle of the field, like with the Super Bowl, there was an outlandish setup for the kittens to play on and amuse the spectators.

“I watched the Puppy Bowl before and after the Super Bowl,” said Joe Calabrese ’08. “It’s just that good.”

If you missed the airing of this or any of the previous Puppy Bowls, you can order them off of the Animal Planet website for $9.95 each. And there’s always next year’s Puppy Bowl to look forward to.

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