The Leslie C. Quick Jr. Recreation Complex will be undergoing substantial renovations in the upcoming months. This news will please the nearly 100 percent of the freshman class and 90 percent of the sophomore class that utilize the RecPlex, according to Director of the RecPlex Philip Palumbo.

Palumbo said that the RecPlex will close for renovations on May 15, shortly after the end of the semester. There is no definitive date as of present for when renovations will begin, but Palumbo predicts this will occur at some point at the beginning of June. The project is set to be completed by August 2016.

In the period between the start and completion of renovations, the RecPlex equipment will be moved to Alumni Hall for students’ access.

This renovation was given approval from the Board of Trustees back at a meeting on December 4, 2014.

For Palumbo, the main reason for the renovations is because there’s “an obvious need for it.”

“Over the years, with the growth of the university and the increase in people wanting to exercise, we just got too small, so that’s why we’re doing it,” Palumbo continued.

According to Palumbo, students can expect the RecPlex to be “brought up to 2020 levels, electrical, cable, Wi-Fi, everything.” Palumbo added that “the electrical is in dire need” of an upgrade, as well as ventilation and air-conditioning.

In addition, the newly renovated RecPlex will feature a three-level addition to the current facility. The ground level will include weight lifting equipment, and the upper level will accommodate all the cardio equipment, Palumbo said. In addition, the lower level will include additional multi-purpose rooms for small or large group fitness activities and classes.

According to Palumbo, there will be a substantial increase in the amount of machinery available to students at the RecPlex.

For example, after the renovations, the RecPlex will be home to at least 20 to 25 treadmills, a significant increase from the 11 treadmills the RecPlex currently owns.

In addition, the new RecPlex will feature an indoor track, giving students another option for a cardio workout.

“There’s going to be almost double the equipment we have now, so I think it opens up a wider range of flexibility [for students],” Palumbo said.

Freshman Stephanie Yadre felt that she would benefit from the increase in machinery at the RecPlex, saying that she has waited for ellipticals at the RecPlex frequently, given that she tends to work out at popular times.

However, Palumbo does not expect there to be much of an increase in the amount of students that utilize the RecPlex’s services.

“I don’t think there’s going to be a significant change based on our rough demographics. I do think it will be easier for them [students],” said Palumbo.

While Palumbo doesn’t see an increase in students using the RecPlex, he does feel that “if the university student body numbers go up, we’re going to be better able to handle the peak times when people want to come in and work out.”

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