In order to ensure an adequate amount of applicants, Residential Colleges, Faber, McCormick and Loyola Halls extended their deadline to apply for dorming from Feb. 16 to the 21, along with an option for rolling admissions for the remainder of the semester.

Assistant Director of Residential Colleges Jodie Fitzpatrick explained that the deadline was extended so that students could have President’s Day weekend to fill out the application.

“We decided to extend the deadline because looking at past years the application was due after a weekend,” Fitzpatrick said. “We wanted to give students extra time to fill it out without the distraction of classes, etc. “

Freshman Mitchell Owen believes that despite significant marketing from Residence Life, more students apply to live in Kostka and Claver. Owen believes that this may be because it is easier.

“I think it’s a lot easier [to apply to Kostka and Claver],” Owen said. “The application for the Res Colleges isn’t that difficult, but people are just too lazy and put it off and prioritize other things so they don’t get around to the Res College application.”

Fitzpatrick spoke about the benefits of living in a Residential College.

“The Residential Colleges are a unique opportunity for sophomores at Fairfield,” she said. “Students have the opportunity to explore fundamental questions of identity, community and purpose through the Residential Colleges — Ignatian, Creative Life or Service For Justice.”

Fitzpatrick added that the Residential Colleges focus on integrating residential life, academics, spirituality and self-discovery.

“Students take common courses based on the focus of their College and meet monthly for reflection and conversation in small groups with an adult mentor from the Fairfield community,” said Fitzpatrick. “Through these opportunities, as well as retreats, communal dinners, lectures and service projects, students develop a strong sense of community and friendship.”

Junior Safirah Fequiere, however, believes that these additional activities may be a turnoff for some students when applying for sophomore living accommodations.

“You have more obligations at a Res College,” said Fequiere. “You have to go to certain things and attend certain events that other places like Kostka or Claver wouldn’t have you do, so people probably are trying to avoid that.”

Freshman Angelina Buffolino added that the Village was preferable for most sophomores.

“I feel like the Village was very hyped up for us,” she said. “It sounds like a fun community to live in and I have heard that a lot of sophomores mostly go for the Village.”

On the other hand, Monica Willson ‘18, who lived in Loyola Hall her sophomore year, enjoyed the additional Res College activities.

“I enjoyed living in the residential college of Loyola due to the wonderful community there, my great mentoring group, happy hour Wednesday nights and my residential college class,” said Willson.

Adding to the sentiment, Peter Wihbey ‘20 believes that the Res Colleges are still the best option for sophomore housing.

“I am a freshman transfer who transferred mid-year and at my last school, there wasn’t that much of a community because it’s a big school, so I figured it was the best way to get a really good community feel from Fairfield,” said Wihbey. “And it’ll be good because it’ll keep me busy.”

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