Students will have the opportunity to win prizes and redeem points by using the new Fairfield Stag Rewards App when attending sporting events this year.

The Division of Student Affairs along with Fairfield’s athletic program debuted this program to students on Oct. 1.

All students can download the Super Stag Rewards App through iTunes or Google Play. The point system acts as a reference to how many games students attend.

The app was developed in order to promote student and community involvement at Fairfield, said Roy Brown, the associate director of athletics and sports marketing and promotion.  When students attend games, they simply log into the app, click the event they are participating in and earn ‘Stag Points.’ Students can earn one, two, five or 10 total points, depending on the event they attend.

“I personally [use] the app and think it is a good idea,” said Stephen Boundy ’14. “Over my past four years, school spirit for the basketball team hasn’t been very high, so something like this can only help.”

Senior Michaela Pastore said, “I think it’s a great idea and will definitely increase attendance. More people will have an incentive to want to participate and go to more games.”

Students are alerted through a “push notification” when they have reached a certain amount of points for a prize. Depending on students’ interest, they can choose to redeem their points for the prize or continue on getting more points for an even bigger prize.

Daniel Jones ‘13, student program coordinator and leadership development, said, “Our hope is that the Super Stag Rewards Program is a simple way students can be rewarded for their campus spirit.”

The idea behind the app isn’t just to reward students who attend games the most, Brown noted.   Students can attend events that relate to the amount of points needed to earn a prize, which allows students to be in control of which prizes they want to win.

“You can enjoy event as you are there, but also be recognized by the University and peers for your engagement,” Jones added.

The Super Stags Reward Program’s website says when students attend games, both on and off campus they can redeem points through the Super Stag Store in the app.

“I think it’s a good idea and it will encourage people to attend games. Who doesn’t want to win prizes?” said Lauren Racano ’14.

According to News @ Fairfield, the prizes that students can win through the app include Stags swag like t-shirts, bobbleheads, string backpacks, sweatshirts along with other fan gear. In addition to these prizes, the Fairfield @ Night announcement also noted that the three best point-earning students will receive gift cards to Fairfield’s bookstore, along with a grand prize of $500.

Brown along with Fred Kuo, the director of student involvement, see this new app as an interactive aspect of attending sports events. This program is “really focusing on fan interaction,” Brown said.

“It seems like an interesting way to increase attendance and they are offering lots of cool prizes,” said Ellery Newton ’17. “With all the talented athletes we have at Fairfield, it would be great to give them the recognition they deserve.”

Students who have questions about this app can email

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