Two of the seminal events in the life of any senior last year were marred by inconvenience, confusion, and, in some cases, wet clothes.

The first debacle occurred when a bus returning from the 200 Nights celebration was wedged under an overpass on the FDR Drive in November. Students were stranded on the rainy highway at 1:30 a.m., and some were forced to take costly cabs or other forms of transportation home.

Dattco, the university’s contracted bus service, sent a bus to the scene that did not return back to Fairfield until 6 a.m. that morning.

More problems arose later that year when Laidlaw, a bus company hired by the Student Beach Resident Association, refused to bring students back from the reception of the Mock Wedding at the Stamford Marriott. This was a result of students’ inappropriate behavior on the bus on the way to the reception.

Students had been drinking for much of the day, and the celebration was highlighted by the presence of both male and female strippers in some instances.

That night, partygoers took out rooms at the Marriott, took cabs home, or took the train.

Despite such inconveniences, students generally had a good time.

“Fairfield students know how to have a good time no matter what problems surround them, and I think 200 Nights was a perfect example,” said Bill Allison ’05.

“All in all I enjoyed Mock Wedding,” said Caitlin Winters ’05. “But I personally had much more fun during the day [at the events at the beach] than at the reception.”

Ultimately, these difficulties would lead to the administration discouraging the continuance of these traditions.

-Ryan Blair

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