Where are you currently living? Who is your Area Coordinator? 
In regards to your college community, rate your level of agreement on the following.

If these questions sound familiar, you most likely completed Fairfield University’s Fall 2012 Quality of Life Survey. 

But if they appear foreign, do not worry. There is still time for students to complete this survey online. The Quality of Life Survey, a questionnaire created by Residence Life and several other departments, is sent out annually via email. The survey aims to help the university increase the quality of life for students on campus, according to Director of Residence Life Ophelie Rowe-Allen.

“The responses to the housing questions also help us assess the off-campus beach release process, assessment of our commuter population and other residential life initiatives,” says Rowe-Allen.

But how is the survey analyzed for improving student experience? 

Students can also explain what they wish their Resident Assistants would do better. This is possible due to the survey having open comment boxes so students are not limited in voicing their thoughts and opinions, and all comments are strictly confidential.

Included is a section devoted to analyzing the cornerstone classes and the university’s effectiveness in integrating new students into the community.

“It’s important for Res Life to know what a good opportunity the cornerstone classes are so they can keep going with the process,” says Lizzie Hart ’16.

Yet an essential purpose of this survey is to assist in assessing the beach release process. 

“The number of students to be released off campus is based on projections in several areas, including future enrollment, retention of current students from fall to spring and study abroad numbers,” says Rowe-Allen. “The data from the survey is helpful to us, in an effort to meet student demand to the greatest extent possible when it comes to housing preferences.”

But why should you be convinced to take the survey?

“The residential experience is a singularly important component of today’s college student’s experience, perhaps more so now than at any other point in time,” says Rowe-Allen. “The housing needs, the level of comfort, the development of Fairfield into an even better community and the request for student input all foster an atmosphere for students to grow in.”

Students surveyed feel positively towards the survey. “I thought the survey was good overall,” says Elizabeth Morena ’15. “It asked relevant questions, and I think it covered the most important aspects that factor into the quality of living.”

Others feel the survey contains responses that can help improve the overall quality of life for Fairfield students. “Together we would like to make a difference as we continue on with our Jesuit mission,” says Rowe-Allen. “Through ongoing reflection and discernment at the personal level, we would like students to continue to give greater love, care and compassion globally.”

The survey is available until Dec. 23.

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