I am really not one to get involved with this whole FUSA voting process. Maybe I should be, but that’s just not me. Honestly though, does it really make a difference who we vote for? Has our school really changed all that much from one president to the next? In my past four years here, I have not seen anything change all that much. Actually, I take that back; I have seen it change, and not for the better. I do not think that concerts or events have been chosen to really suit the interests of the entire school. I know it is hard to please everyone, but why can’t FUSA try to please the majority of the student body? This year, as a senior leaving this campus in May, I chose not to vote.

And here’s why:

1.I’m a senior. Should I really care all that much? If I had voted, how would I have benefited from it? Yeah, I will be an alumnus in years to come. So maybe that will affect the events I will be able to attend. That doesn’t really bother me.

2.Where were the cupcakes and the lollipops? I certainly didn’t get any. Ashlee Fox gave out some treats last year, and that prompted me to take the time to vote. Some of the candidates should have chosen to hand out candy to make themselves known around campus. Maybe they did do this, but my friends and I did not receive any free treats or any friendly greets. Also, I think the candidates forgot that seniors have the opportunity to vote; they left us out. That makes me sad. Very, very sad. We are part of the student body. We have Stagcards. We can vote too.

3.I did not even know when and where we were supposed to vote. If FUSA really wanted us to vote, why didn’t they go out of their way to make bigger signs, more campus announcements or scream out “vote for me.” There was a serious lack of advertising this year.

4.I, along with several other seniors and some juniors live at the beach, where were the signs there? Does anyone care about us? We go to school here, too. Sorry we don’t hang out in Dolan or in the BBC to see the signs about the candidates or the election information.

5.Why would I take the time to vote for people I don’t know anything about, especially on a Tuesday night when I could be out getting drunk at the Sea Grape? I would have a much better time doing that then stand around with people I don’t even know in the BCC.

6.I’m usually not much of a follower, but my friends didn’t vote. Why should I? They must be just as apathetic about next year’s potential FUSA representatives as I am.

7.I don’t think people run for FUSA positions to really help the school, but to add something that looks good on their resume. Hey, I can’t blame them. Being the president of FUSA looks great on your resume and would definitely help someone get into graduate school.

8.The whole thing is simply a popularity contest. Whoever has more friends is obviously going to get more votes. Then there are those who really do listen to the campaigns, and really think about who can help further improve our school, but I don’t know any of those people. Except, of course, the Mirror’s Editoral Board.

9.Free cupcakes. Still upset about those cupcakes.

10.Again, I am a senior. I think I should let the underclassmen determine the fate of what FUSA will do for them next year.

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