On Saturday April 18, it was announced that the special guest performance at Clam Jam will be The Chainsmokers. This DJ and EDM duo consisting of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall will be performing at Penfield Beach this coming Saturday, April 25, as a part of Clam Jam. The Chainsmokers hits include “#Selfie” and “Kanye.”

“There’s no other college, I think, in the country, that has a concert on the beach at an event like Clam Jam,” said Assistant Director of Residence Life and Adviser of the Beach Resident Advocacy Group Pejay Lucky. “It’s a privilege that we’re able to have them.”

The decision to have the concert take place during Fairfield’s annual traditional beach gathering was made by BRAG.

“We wanted a concert at Clam Jam to change the culture of the day,” said BRAG President Storm Miller ‘15. “It has nothing to do with the spring concert that FUSA runs. They could be doing their own spring concert if they wanted to. This is something BRAG wanted to do for Clam Jam.”

According to Miller, the choice of The Chainsmokers had to do with the fact that students wanted a DJ/EDM artist after the Fairfield University Student Association concert featuring country artists Love and Theft in the fall. He added that The Chainsmokers are touring in the area at the time, so it made sense to get them to come to Clam Jam.

Funding for this concert came from a number of different people and places on campus, including senior donations, BRAG and Interresidential Housing Association. Any remaining costs were offset by the tickets, which were priced at $40 each for non-seniors.

According to Miller, the budget for not just The Chainsmokers, but the entire day of Clam Jam as a whole, is over $70,000. This includes, but is not limited to, production, staging, sound, security, food, beer, fences and portapotties.

“Anything that’s going to be on the beach that day is being brought in by us, because there’s nothing down there [Penfield],” said Miller.

The idea of a concert taking place during Clam Jam is something Miller and the rest of BRAG believe will enhance the day, and open the possibility of getting even larger artists to perform at Clam Jam in later years, so long as it is successful and all students prove to be cooperative.

“I think Clam Jam is still going to be Clam Jam, just The Chainsmokers are going to happen to be up there,” said Miller. “But other than that, Clam Jam’s always had a DJ, whether or not it be student DJs. Obviously, these DJs are going to be better, but other than that, I don’t think we’re adding anything that’s never happened at Clam Jam.”

“The Chainsmokers themselves are really pumped about the event and I think it’s going to be awesome,” said Miller. “These guys tour all year and have never done something like this. It says a lot.”

The upperclassmen, who will make up the majority of the crowd, have shown excitement for the concert.

“It’s going to be the perfect music for the best event of the year,” said Victoria Kan-Long ‘15.

“All of my friends really like them, so I’m excited,” said Julia Devico ‘16.

On the other hand, underclassmen have some resentment since most of them were not able to buy a ticket.

“It’s kind of ironic that usually the concerts are focused for underclassmen who can’t go to The ‘Grape and who are on campus, and now this year it’s primarily for upperclassmen,” said Gianna Saladino ‘17. “I’m really disappointed that I won’t be able to be there.”

In addition to The Chainsmokers, special guests include the rapper Kyle featuring DJ Louis Inglese and DJ Greg-T.

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