With Fairfield University Student Association elections complete, Alex Long ’14, the new FUSA President, is working to implement his goals for his time in office.

Current FUSA President Rob Vogel ’13 elaborated on the current transition period and the workings of the change process in the administration that FUSA is taking on.

The main concern at the moment: to select a new executive council for next year.

“The basic timetable for when Alex takes office will be May 1st, and until then it’s business as usual with FUSA. On the side I’ll be working with the vice president on time tables, selecting an executive council,” Vogel said.

He said they will use some of last year’s guidelines to help get the cabinet together.

Vogel explained that Long will handpick his own cabinet but “we’ll be here to bounce ideas off him and take a step back but help him every step of the way.”

This transition period will last until May and then they will take on orientation, budgeting and also planning over the summer, said Vogel.

“A lot of the platforms and initiatives I’ve worked on will be charged to Alex for next year,” Vogel continued. “We’re working with the thought process that, down the road, all this will be implemented by Alex.”

There are many issues and initiatives that have been relevant to students, said Vogel. These include an increase in write-ups and making things like a convenience store in the Barone Campus Center. Decisions will be left to the discretion of Long and the new staff to implement them should they find it necessary.

Vogel said, “I’m just trying to provide Alex with everything he’ll need for next year and make sure I’m properly passing down the torch.”

Long has also been involved in this process of transition. His main job is to send out applications for the executive positions that he will chose for his cabinet.

“I’m looking at making a good team, and that’s what we’re aiming to accomplish now,” Long said.

“We all have extra responsibilities we have to manage, but right now we’re just trying to get these executive positions handled.

“We really want to make it a better experience for students, so we’re trying to get together a great group of people and improve FUSA’s presence as a whole and make a great executive board.”
There are many administrative processes to be done, but Long, and FUSA, has some main goals on track.

“We have to worry about budget and different aspects of FUSA to help students,” said Long. “Currently we are in the starting stages.”

As for now, Long hopes to sho quiet hours in upperclassmen residences since he does not think that they should have the same limitations as underclassmen.

Though FUSA is in transition, Vogel and Long’s pledge that the students are always their most important priority seems to be received well. “Alex Long is a great representation of Fairfield University and will absolutely have the students’ best interests,” said Michael Smith ‘14.

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