Fairfield student Kevin Dunkin ‘15 was arrested early Tuesday morning after allegedly stealing a Fairfield professor’s credit cards, officials say.

Dunkin was charged with forgery, criminal impersonation, illegal use of a credit card, larceny and attempted larceny, according to John Ritchie, assistant director of public safety.

“We have reason to believe that the suspect stole the employee’s credit cards from the RecPlex,” said Ritchie.

A faculty member reported fraudulent charges on their credit card to both the Department of Public Safety and Fairfield Police.  An investigation by both departments led authorities to Dunkin.

Dunkin attempted to use the faculty member’s credit cards to buy a glass pipe, according to the Fairfield Daily Voice.

According to Fairfield’s The Daily Voice, the cards were also used to make fraudulent purchases at a Shell station for $1.80 and at Marshalls for $150.49.

Dunkin is scheduled in court on Nov. 26 and was released on a $500 bond.


Non-student Daniel Boyle, 23, was arrested at Fairfield Sunday morning after he erroneously reported to police and the Department of Public Safety that he was robbed.

Boyle was arrested on charges of interfering with an officer and falsely reporting an incident, according to John Ritchie, assistant director of public safety.

“After an extensive search of the immediate area, the individual who reported the incident admitted he made it up,” said Ritchie.  The rouse was apparently a scheme to win the sympathy of his girlfriend.

Boyle, a Manchester, N.H., native and guest of a Fairfield student, originally reported to DPS and Fairfield Police that he was robbed in the Regis Parking Lot area.  He claimed a male approached him and ordered he turn over $40.

DPS responded to the incident with three cruisers and Fairfield Police responded with six patrol cars and a K-9 unit.

Boyle is due in Bridgeport Superior Court on Nov. 25, and was released on $2,500 bond.


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