This week yielded 15 new positive COVID-19 cases among students, bringing the total number of student positives to 300 for the semester. Despite the seemingly large number, 217 students have been cleared, testing negative for the virus after previously testing positive. Compared to the past few weeks, the campus infection rate has decreased significantly.

Students living in Claver Hall have been cleared to return to normal campus life this week, while students living at the beach still have another few days left in their quarantine. 

According to vice president of student life, Karen Donaghue, in a webinar on Oct. 9, eight percent of all students living at the beach tested positive for COVID-19—a stark difference from the average campus infection rate of one percent. Zach Dayton, deputy director of athletics, also confirmed that the infection rate among student athletes was 8.8 percent. That’s about 44 students out of a total of 499. 

Fairfield’s COVID-19 dashboard was also updated on Tuesday, to provide more information, including specific data about the remaining beds in the Conference Center and the Holiday Inn, and the average infection rate across campus. However, there is still no information about the infection rates within individual residence halls.

Out of 87 total positive cases currently active, only 18 are present on campus, quarantining in the Conference Center. There are 20 total students being housed in the Conference Center as of Tuesday, two of whom were positive from previous tests in earlier weeks. There are 44 empty beds. 30 beds are occupied at the Holiday Inn in Bridgeport, where there are 20 remaining beds left unoccupied. 

Fairfield still remains in COVID-19 Status Level: Orange; but, cases have significantly decreased from the high infection rates of the past few weeks. Fairfield remains confident that the cases will continue to lessen as the semester progresses.

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