The Friday Night Movie Series has always been a relaxing and entertaining program to start the weekend off after a hard fought battle with the books.  Its purpose not only accomplishes this, but also serves as an outlet for those who don’t want to participate in other activities that are highly popular on a Friday night.

Even though the series provides an outside source of entertainment, it has been called into question as to whether or not the student body enjoys its presence. Is Friday night the best night to show them? Are students even interested in them being shown?

These questions center on the idea that the movie series isn’t being fully taken advantage of by the student body.

For college students who are looking to release a lot of built up energy developed over the course of a week, maybe going to see a movie isn’t what’s on their minds.

The topic of advertising the movies should be taken into account as well. Yes, there are posters displayed around the campus that list the movies, and dates. Yes, e-mails are sent out to the student body emphasizing the same message.

On the other hand, are these strategies the best way to spread the word about them? It might not be that students aren’t interested in the movies, but that they simply can’t remember that they’re being shown.

Kalee Brunelle’14 said, “I think that 70 percent of the movies shown are appealing, but they need to be better advertised. They should send the e-mail out on the Friday that it is showing instead of at the beginning of the week. People forget.”

This is the second year that the Friday Night Movie Series has run consistently throughout the academic school year. In prior years, movies were still shown in the Gonzaga A-uditorium on Friday nights, but infrequently.

After a year and a half of Friday night movies, maybe it’s time to determine how students feel about them.

Taylor Trenchard ‘14 who has attended five movie showings this year said, “I think that the Movie Series is a good option for something to do on Friday nights.”

In contrast, Danyella Hernandez ‘14, who has only been to two movie showings this year said, “These movies aren’t appealing to our age group.”

Some of the top featured films that have been showed this semester are “Remember the Titans,” “Drive,” and “Moneyball.”

Movies that will be shown later this semester include “Tower Heist”, “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.”

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