The Women’s Studies capstone class will present its findings on gender and sustainability on Monday night, May 3 from 5 to 6:30 p.m. in the Library Multimedia Room. 

At the presentation, the group of Lauren LoPinto ’10, Julie Ruggieri ’10, Danielle McGee ’10 and Erin Stahl ’10 will discuss the Global South Scholarship Project and how it explores the economic climate of Bangladesh and how educating women can contribute to economic advancement and stability in the world in order to create a better future for the next generation.

They have already raised close to $1000 for the project, but are hoping to increase that amount.

The project’s goal is to create a scholarship fund for adult women that will allow them to learn basic literacy skills in a similar way to the current Nike Girl’s Effect and Barefoot College’s initiatives, which seek to employ illiterate women all over the world.

LoPinto and Ruggieri said: “Through our research, we observed the importance of public policy institutes in the education and training of women around the world. We discovered a gap in the education and incorporation of adult women in the economy of South Asia. It is statistically proven that women are more likely to use money and education to build family and rebuild community, contributing to the overall economy of their region. Women will continuously maintain this capacity for future generations. Endowing a scholarship which will allow one woman the equivalent of a high school education means so much to us, as it is women helping other women.”

If you are interested in donating money or finding more information, contact Julia-Rose Liptak at

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