To the Editor:

I happened to go over the article published on October 27, 2010, titled Barone, Jazzman’s & The Stags All Make the Cut written by Gillien Murray. This specific piece caught my attention because of a journal I have been working on that has to do with lunch menus and our health mostly in young adults and kids. While reading over this article it was nice to hear that the food establishments on campus had passed these evaluations that were done with a significantly well number. It’s nice to know the places we rely on for our daily food are clean, treated and well kept for our good.

As I read over this article I thought to myself, now these establishments are clean but are the foods always the best for ourselves? Like everywhere else we go to eat we are given the choice to choose what we eat, but when the unhealthy food and sweets rule over the healthy, there’s not much that can be done there and we know what the winning foods will be. I believe Barone does its job on varying the foods but once we walk in we are found with pizza, fries, burgers and sweet fountain drinks. When in hunger who can say no to such things? What we often forget is the fact that these foods can lead to many health problems later on.

During my weeks on working on my journal I came across many articles which talked about these sweets and foods found in our cafeteria. These foods have lead many to diabetes 2, heart problems, asthma and even eating disorders. These can become common among college students as well because of the fact that many college students are overloaded with work and the only time they have free they go to the cafeteria or The Stag and snack on these unhealthy meals, since they do rule over the healthy meals on campus.

It would be nice that if for a change they brought more healthier, whole grain kind of meals to campus for The Stag being that it’s the place many go to once their swipes are all gone or a quick snack before class. Many have just become used to the offerings at these food establishments on campus, but we can’t always think that they are the best for our health. I can say I, myself have been caught up in eating in these fine establishments as well, but for a change would be nice to walk in and not always have to make a choice about snacking on unhealthy meals.

Yes, we are more privileged than other countries to actually have food to choose from but we also have to take into consideration the thousands of young adults in our generation losing their health to foods such as the ones we are found eating mostly every day at the establishments closest to us. It’s always great to have a clean environment and know its safe to eat it on campus but yet these facts of increasing obesity rates in the United States should be taken into consideration as well.


Marilynn Lopez ‘14

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