It’s cuffing season! But for actor Dennis Quaid there’s more drama and controversy than the typical cuffing season relationship. Dennis Quaid is 65 and his fiancée Laura Savoie is 26. Just to spare you the time, that is a difference of 39 years, which is almost four decades. He was born in 1954 and she was born in 1992. You get the point. According to Fox News, this couple has been together for only a few months and is getting married as soon as possible. This news has brought up the age-old question: does age matter when it comes to relationships? 

Honestly, I don’t see why people are so up in arms about this whole age gap thing. It comes down to the people involved. According to Fox News, Savoie posted on her Instagram that she’s “never been happier.” So, if they’re happy and it’s not hurting anyone, then what’s the harm? An age gap isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay too. 

Personally, I would not date someone 40 years older than I am. I would prefer to date someone who is in my generation. This is for many reasons, one of which being that I connect better with people who are closer to my age. I also think that when you grow up around the same time as someone you understand life in a similar way, but that could be looked at as a bad thing too. However, if I fall in love with someone who isn’t the same age as me, I wouldn’t want the world to be over-analyzing my life and my relationship. But again, that’s just me.

I would like to point out that age does matter in a situation where legality comes into play; for the relationship to be okay, it must be legal. In Quaid and Savoie’s case their relationship is legal, and they are allegedly happy. We should let them enjoy their relationship instead of over-analyzing it. It’s time we focus on ourselves, our own lives and our own relationships instead of the lives of a couple of strangers who we only know because of their celebrity status.

The issue isn’t age. The issue isn’t if it’s a publicity stunt or not. The issue is us. We obsess over these celebrities’ lives, making their business and their relationships ours. If it is a publicity stunt, who cares? They get the attention and we get the “entertainment.” Make the last few months of 2019 all about you. I am also guilty of worrying and focusing on everything else except myself. So let’s ditch the endless focus on relationships in the media and start to focus on the relationships that shape our own lives.

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