“I’m hoping that if I do another four laps, food that wasn’t there before will magically appear.” This is the common statement that is uttered by each student in Barone at least a few times a week. The Barone experience is unlike any other, that’s for sure.

On any day of the week, you can find a large group of adrenalized students climbing the overwhelming mountain of steps to enter into Barone. Occasionally, students stop to take a quick selfie with the workers after they have swiped in. Then they grab a plate and begin their search for something to eat.

First, let’s talk about lunch. If it’s 12:15, the 11 a.m. classes have just finished, and you’re out of luck. It will be nearly impossible to find a table, never mind your favorite booth. If you wanted a sandwich, you can either kiss that dream goodbye or prepare yourself to dedicate the next 20 minutes to waiting in line. Many a time, students are seen with a look of undeniable excitement across their faces as they bring back a thrilling meal of soup and salad to their tables. In fact, I have even heard that sometimes people decide to have pasta! The exhilaration that comes with eating a meal in Barone is almost indescribable.

As far as dinner is concerned, this is often everything you have ever hoped for and so much more. I frequently see people swipe into Barone at prime time with a look of terror across their face as they realize that they have no chance of finding a table and all the stir-fry stations are full. I have actually seen people turn around on the spot and venture back down the stairs and into The Stag. They must be overwhelmed by the pure admiration that everyone has for the food.

Other than its food, Barone has many great attributes. It seems to have this wonderful superpower to make sure that whoever you are trying to avoid ends up being there at exactly the same time as you during every single meal for a month straight. I’ve yet to figure out how exactly this works, but the facts are undeniable. That text that you dodged last night? The boy is sitting at the table next to you. That girl that you saw out this weekend and never want to see again? She just so happens to be getting water at exactly the same time as you. It’s truly magical.

Now, we can’t forget about the music. There is nothing better than the classic Barone playlists. If you were in Barone and “Let Her Go” by Passenger didn’t play at least once, were you really in Barone? It appears as though there is always a Top-40 theme, but for some reason there are a few special songs that get a whole lot of playing time. “Wrecking Ball,” “Timber” and “Brave” constantly seem to get students’ feet tapping and heads nodding over a casual meal. If you take a moment to listen, you are bound to hear a few fearless souls singing along.

The Barone experience typically ends after sophomore or junior year for many students, so be sure to make the most of each delicious meal and every unforgettable moment. Bon appétit!

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