In its unwillingness to release the official number of people laid off from the University last week, the administration is not making the University community any happier in an already negative situation. Maybe we would rather not know just how large that unnecessary number of cuts is.

With four members of the Regina A. Quick Center laid off alone, what other areas of the University took a large hit? We all are well aware of the large amount of debt we have to be rid of by the end of the year as a University, but what constitutes these people as not important to the “student experience”, the main area of the University the administration says they will avoid as much as possible in budget cuts?

We know that our opinion as the student body may not be totally credible to the University. We understand that we do not have the same level of experience and do not all have business degrees already, but we believe that actually asking the student body what they consider crucial to their student experience would have been beneficial to the decision-making process.

If we were to make some suggestions, the amount of Residential Colleges is proving to be unnecessary. While they have only all been functioning together for a year and a half now, the feedback has been less than stellar. We commend the University for trying to improve the student experience for sophomores but to put it bluntly, many of the sophomores could care less. To make things worse, the new Residential Colleges are causing the original—the Ignatian Residential College—to suffer and in the long run possibly bring it to its demise.

Now, we are not saying that this is the only area that could have received cuts to solve the debt issue. We want to remind the administration that if they are going to claim they are saving crucial elements to the student experience, maybe they should survey the students on what exactly those crucial elements are.

Assuming is never a good idea.

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