Kindness is a characteristic that is now considered to be so rare that expressing it raises questions of concern, arouses confusion and risks the potential of being labeled as a social outcast by those affected due to the characteristic’s infrequent appearances in modern society.

If there are any social outcasts in the world, especially in the affluent, infamously out-of-touch pop star bubble, P!nk is one of them. The singer-songwriter is notorious for saying exactly what is on her mind, going after what she wants and not fitting the stereotypical superstar image. She doesn’t let fame ever taint her name vocally, creatively or humanely. At the People’s Choice Awards on Nov. 10, P!nk took it upon herself to highlight a simple characteristic that has recently been left in the shadows – kindness.

Within seconds of receiving the award, those in attendance and at home watching were all made aware that for P!nk there was more to it than just receiving another title. 

“I grew up in a family of activists…but I know that one person can make a difference,” P!nk said according to a YouTube video posted by Access. “I care about decency, and humanity and kindness. Kindness today is an act of rebellion. There are people that don’t have what you have. Help them get it.”

The fiery acceptance speech is exactly the type of wake-up call and message Americans and individuals around the world needed to hear.

Now, you might think, ‘This just typical award show behavior,’ ‘Haven’t we all heard an inspirational speech before?’ and ‘P!nk is just another celebrity, receiving another award, saying another long speech on another brutally long, hard, definitely 9 to 5 and minimum-wage paid day.’ So why would you care, right? Because this wasn’t any ordinary speech – it was a call to action.

As a pop culture guru myself, I appreciate the punk, candid, foul-mouthed and straightforward energy that instantly radiates from P!nk’s presence on stage. Her personality contains qualities that are so rare and not often found in the music industry. No, she isn’t phony. No, she’s not using her speech time to promote a new song, clothing line or makeup brand. Yes, she is standing up for what she believes in and is speaking the cold, hard truth. If she doesn’t, then who will? Justin Bieber? The members of One Direction? It’s P!nk’s unique authenticity that lets her stand out from the shallowness of the industry. P!nk isn’t just an ordinary celebrity. She’s an activist.

In a time filled with so much chaos and political turmoil domestically and internationally, it’s not hard to forget to be optimistic while being constantly badgered with the negative.  Celebrities have access to most experiences, benefits, items – you name it – that the average person does not have. With fame, it’s easy to live comfortably while showing little to no concern or acknowledgement of the outside world or where you came from. However, P!nk’s speech informed us that she is aware of the numerous imperfections that lie outside the world of fame, politically, socially, mentally and economically – all of which are facing our country currently. She didn’t use the platform to further flaunt or promote her fame because she understood that it could not serve as the solution to the world and society’s problems. Rather, P!nk expressed that the solution lies within us, and it can be expressed through performing simple acts of kindness. 

So instead of rolling your eyes at her speech, give it a listen. Being reminded to be kind is the type of reality check that you, the country and the world need right now. So in honor of P!nk, be a social outcast. Be kind. It’s more fun to look from the outside in, especially when P!nk is your company.


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