The beginning of my freshman year was the scariest, yet most exciting time of my life. It was the start of something entirely new. I had a new home here at Fairfield. Since I had always attended a Catholic school, I knew most of my classmates for my whole life. Attending college meant that I would know no one. It was time to start from scratch.

My first thoughts were occupied with how my roommate and I would get along, who I would become friends with and a feeling of terror about my upcoming classes. I had never lived with someone before, so sharing a room was something that I would have to adjust to. Tons of roommate horror stories filled my mind. Would she have a weird habit or steal my clothes or exile me from my room every weekend?

Starting over and making new friends is a big deal for everyone, as it was for me. I wanted to make new friends that I could see myself staying friends with for a lifetime. Freshman year can be difficult in the beginning because everyone is trying to find people that they click with. I didn’t meet some of my best friends until the end of freshman year. If you feel like you’re not making friends right away, don’t worry. You’ll find your group soon.

College classes were something that terrified the life out of me. Would I be able to keep up? What should I expect? Of course, college classes are going to be harder, but college also offers a lot more help, such as the Writing Center and free tutoring services. Professors also offer office hours. These resources helped me to acclimate to my new college workload, so I recommend that everyone take advantage of these great opportunities.

The beginning of sophomore year was a whole different process. I already had my friends from the previous year, and I knew my roommate because I chose to live with her. I also knew that college classes were nothing that I couldn’t handle — although they did test me. It’s hard not to worry about the different atmosphere you’re entering and all that comes with it. College is an exciting time and it can be some of the best years of your life. You will meet amazing people that you can’t picture your life without and you will also learn a lot.

The difference between my freshman and sophomore years is huge. There is a lot less worrying when the end of August rolls around and it’s time to go back to school. I was beyond excited to come back to Fairfield when entering my sophomore year. I missed my friends and the freedom that comes along with college life. I learned that no one cares if you go to Barone alone.  I knew how to manage my time when it comes to balancing my social life, schoolwork and activities. Knowing what to expect made my transition that much easier. Although my freshman year was a great experience, I was glad to come back to school this year as a sophomore because now Fairfield feels like home.

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