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Dear Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni, and others this may concern,
I am writing this letter to express my deepest apologies due to my last weeks “He Said” article. I understand that my poor choice of words has offended and upset many that are apart of Fairfield University. I am honestly embarrassed by my language. My intention was not to offend people; however, I was trying to write a satirical, humorous piece. I realize how my words crossed the line between comedy and being offensive.

In the past week, I have overheard many people feeling that my article was promoting rape and violence against women, and that idea could not be more wrong. I understand that a few of the words I used could have been easily used to create this idea. However, for those who know me, they would tell you that I have the total opposite view on this subject. This idea has made me sick and I truly apologize if that notion was perceived from my article.

Also, I would like to make clear that even though my language has been derogatory against women, I truly do not feel this way about them. For those of you who do not know, last semester I was the only guy in a feminism literature class called “The Women Question.” I do respect the ideas of feminism and women’s rights, even though it may not be perceived in my writing.

You may be thinking, ‘why would you write this way without meaning this?’ and the reason is because you must understand the point of the “He Said/She Said” articles. Being “He Said,” as Tom Cleary pointed out in the letter from the editor, is a role. I am playing a character and I am acting. It is truly an entertainment piece.

My goal is to write about the ideas that your typical 18-22 year old college male thinks and speaks with putting a humorous twist on it. These articles are not meant to be taken literally. In saying this, I do understand that I crossed the line this past week and apologize for this.

Thank You,

Chris Surette ’10 “He Said”

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