In place of my column, which might be tapered off soon anyway, I think it is more appropriate for me to address a more important and personal issue in the Fairfield University community this week.

I sincerely wish I was writing about a more significant issue, such as the one we have recently faced with Doug Perlitz. However, I am writing concerning the “He Said/She Said” debacle because that has taken precedence over what I believe we should all be really having sit-ins and protests about.

I would like to start by saying my intention is not to offend anyone involved in the situation. As someone who also writes in the Coffee Break section, I would like to mention that everything we say is absolutely, positively for entertainment value. In my case, it is mostly at my expense, or at those who chose to be anonymous. In “He Said/She Said”, the satirical comments are meant as a portrayal of how the common college student reacts to situations such as a one night stand; it is not solely the views of Chris or Ally necessarily.

I would also like to mention that I know for a fact that none of you who protested applied to be “He Said” or “She Said.” You could have, and could have put a different spin on the column if you would have liked.

I understand and sympathize with those of you who have been offended by the column. Personally, I found a few parts jarring, but nothing is as jarring as the display that has been seen on campus this week.

As young adults, we all make mistakes and are trying to find our way in this confusing world. We sometimes, as I’m sure Chris Surette was, are influence by friends and standards that are expected from a “typical college student.”

There is no need for threats, harassment toward family members, or horrible remarks toward either of the columnists. How does that make your moral character more stellar than that of whom you are so harshly judging?

Unfortunate and tragic events do occur. Girls are sometimes taken advantage of. But don’t judge girls who, after a night of fun at the bar, chose to go home with someone and have a one-night stand. Every girl has to base her judgment on her own personal experience. There are people that have one night stands and feel horrible, and there are others who have one night stands and feel great.

As far as the question regarding rape references in the column, I do not agree with the phrasing and the use of the word victim, but would it make you feel better if I told you I considered my men my prey? Is a woman allowed to say these things? Is that Vagina Warrior code? Would it make you feel better if Ally had written those things?

I am not defending Chris Surette; I am merely trying to show that perception is everything, and no two perceptions will be alike. Therefore, it is impossible to write a completely unbiased column. An edgy column such as the “He Said/She Said” is even more so susceptible to pushing boundaries because of the its nature.

As a further note, I have talked to many girls who have thought the column was hilarious and saw nothing wrong with it. They did not protest because they saw nothing to protest about.

I would like to see people take one-tenth the passion they protested this column with and use it toward helping those distraught children in Haiti. I would like us all to move on from this and know that two wrongs never did and never will make a right. I would like you to look inside yourself, find those Jesuit values that we all hold dear and smile at Chris or Ally when you see them walking.

It may be harder to be the people writing, open for critic at anytime, than you’ll ever know.

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