Dan Leitao/ The Mirror

Dan Leitao/ The Mirror

It finally happened. Bravo got raided. I mean, the party had to stop at some point.

If you are not aware, Bravo is where several Fairfield students escape from academic stress and enjoy a few drinks on a Tuesday or Thursday night. What’s wrong with that? Well, the police found over 100 underage drinkers, including 14 who were caught being served with alcohol. But let’s be honest, more than the 14 were probably being served.

Driving down Post Road to pick up a few friends who were trying to escape this night gone wrong, I was shocked. There were so many police lights that you would’ve thought some sort of serious crime had been committed, but nope, it was just a bunch of students trying to have a good time.

The whole thing is a bit ridiculous. Bravo is famous for being a spot where freshmen and sophomores can pound down a few beers.  It’s one of only a few places that accepts pretty much any ID. I wouldn’t be surprised if they let you in with an index card with a picture of you and a birth date that indicates you’re over 21. Underage drinkers have been attending Bravo probably since Bravo opened in 2004 and now it’s getting raided? Really?

An anonymous source who was at Bravo when it was raided said, “As soon as the lights turned on, I knew all hell was breaking loose.”

The sophomore continued to describe the evening by stating, “About 10 police officers stormed in from all directions. They separated everyone who’s under 21 and everyone who’s over 21 into two sections, and demanded identification and backup identification.”

Apparently girls were stuffing fake ID’s into their bras and guys into their shoes, claiming they threw their ID as soon as they saw cops coming. Some got away with it, but many didn’t. “The police were not putting up with any nonsense,” another source claimed.

Students who attend Quinnipiac have the option of attending a variety of 18 plus bars, yet Fairfield has Bravo (which is now most likely no longer an option), and The Grape (but everyone knows better than to use a fake there). Maybe if the town of Fairfield was to open more 18 and older bars, this Bravo raid would not have occurred.

What’s going to happen to the restaurant/bar located in the heart of downtown Fairfield? My prediction is its liquor license will get taken away, and they’ll lose a lot of business. They made bank off of the students who attended Bravo religiously, and now not only are Tuesday nights going to be a bit more dull for many, but Bravo will experience a large loss in profits.

The whole situation is a bit upsetting, but I guess it was bound to happen at some point. I guess these underage drinkers will just have to wait to enjoy the bar scene when they’re over 21 … well, depending on just how good their fake is.

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