Warning: a tie on the door means turn around and go away. Photo illustration by Dan Leitao/The Mirror

Warning: a tie on the door means turn around and go away. Photo illustration by Dan Leitao/The Mirror

“Hey man, I totally got with this girl last night. She was so hot.”

“Yeah, man I know. Remember? I was in the bed next to you.”

“Oh yeah, sorry about that, bro.”

“No problem. I mean, its totally normal to have sex with your roommate in the bed next to you.”

There is no doubt about this being an awkward moment. But what if that awkward moment begins to occur more often, and soon enough you have gained an extra roommate? Tufts has taken a stance and stated that you can’t have sex with your roommate in the room or give them the boot when you want to get some booty.

This may seem over the top to some of our peers at more liberal colleges and more relaxed than what our fellow Catholic school brethren at Providence have to go through with parietals. Thankfully, Fairfield seems to fall somewhere in the middle for better and for worse.
The biggest argument against Tufts’ new rule is that it is impossible to police. And it is apparent it can not be actively policed by RA’s like drinking and smoking is. However, this rule is there for those extreme cases when people’s open mindedness is taken advantage of.

The rule is necessary because not every college student can act like a mature and responsible adult. While many would say college students learn to adjust to living with someone and to make compromises, horniness takes over maturity more often than one would think.

For students who are not comfortable with their roommate’s sexual discretions, this  rule gives them a leg to stand on when they go to Residence Life. Let’s face it: if their sex life is affecting your sleep habits they clearly are not a considerate roommate.

If your school’s advice is to get a pair of headphones, then what can one do? The most shocking thing about the entire Tufts debate is how shocked everyone else was about the rule.
The rule made its way to Bill O’Reilly and the Z-100 morning show. Some people were shocked that such a rule was necessary and others said finally. But no one really stopped to wondered why it was such a big deal.

It seems like for the first time in a while, someone had called out the sexual promiscuity of college students. On-lookers seemed to be shocked that students had become spectators to their roommate’s sex life. Many people had not realized that it was common enough where a rule needed to be written down. Residence Life here has to deal with this same issue throughout the year.
As for sexiling, it was not nearly as shocking to most because sexiling seems like an act of common decency when you consider the alternative. It’s one thing to ask for the room every once in a while. But when you start asking for the entire house or the room nearly every night, one can understand Tufts’ decision.

The thing Tufts really revealed is that sometimes a rule is necessary when people take advantage of situations. Students all around the country are horny, and for anyone who doubts that, just read a few He Said articles.

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