Photo illustration by Dan Leitao/The Mirror

Photo illustration by Dan Leitao/The Mirror

Well, I walked up to her, and I asked her if she wanted to dance, she looked awful nice and so hoped she might take a chance. When we danced I held her tight, then I walked her home that night, and all the stars were shining bright, and then I kissed her. -The Beach Boys.

Even without the melody, this Beach Boys song now sounds corny, childish and naive. I doubt that they were talking about grinding when he asked her to dance. So when we talk about college guys and commitment we should try to realize that the days the Beach Boys sing about are gone.

Guys want it, girls want it, and it is what killed commitment: the hookup. Neither sex can solely be blamed for the hookup becoming common place. But it is easy to see why it led to the death of commitment in a college setting. If a guy can get something for free when he goes out on a Friday night, what is his incentive for more?

And if girls are willing to not hold a guy to a higher standard, aren’t they equally to blame?

It’s not often that you hear someone is going on a date; that is, the 1950s definition of dinner and a movie.

A night ended with a kiss instead of the next morning in bed. Today, a date might follow a string of hookups. We are a generation of instant gratification: this has lead to the breakdown of dating.

Not to mention that to ask a girl out on a date requires a guy to invest time, money and put himself out there to be rejected. Whereas with a random hookup, chances are he won’t remember being rejected.

All guys are not afraid of commitment. If one really looks around Fairfield, you will see relationships. It is clear that not all guys here are afraid of commitment. In fact, once guys get out of their “living up the college life” phase, it would seem most guys are pretty reasonable. What it really comes down to is guys not being forced into commitment. When both sexes grow up, they seem to manage relationships just fine here at Fairfield.
So to all those patiently waiting for their crush to mature, you might as well live up life in the meantime.

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