To the Editor:

This letter is in response to Ms. Vecchione’s article advocating for the University to have condoms available to its students. [“Better safe than sorry,” April 20]

To be very honest, I don’t understand where we, as a student body, have any argument at all. When it comes down to it, “why” is the main question that I would like to pose. Why do we need the University to have condoms available to us? Is it because we can’t get to town to buy them ourselves?

Just by looking at the lack of parking on this campus right now, I’m pretty secure in saying that everyone in the sophomore through senior classes either has a car themselves or has a friend with a car. Even if this statement is false, then I know for a fact that the bus drops off at CVS, where they sell condoms. Riding the bus may not be the cool thing to do, but neither is getting a disease from that kid who you slept with last Friday night, but can’t quite remember anymore. So, transportation isn’t the problem. Then it must be that we can’t afford them ourselves, right? I’m going to go with “no” on that one.

We’re all more than willing to drop 40 bucks at the bar on a Thursday, but all of the sudden we’re too cheap to spend 10 bucks on a pack of condoms for when we get home. We all knew that coming to a Jesuit University meant living by the guidelines that the Jesuits set in place for us, and this is just one of them. We really can’t have expected that we would enroll at Fairfield and then try to undo all the things that make it a Jesuit University.

Instead of complaining, why don’t you spend that time driving into town, buying a pack of condoms, and putting them in your desk drawer for later. No one is saying that we can’t have condoms; they’re just saying they aren’t going to give them to us.

This whole topic is just silly and to argue it is futile. Every once in a while we, as a student body, need to pick our battles. Otherwise when we actually have a point to make who’s going to take us seriously?


Colleen Cummins ’08

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