Non-stop parties. Communal bathrooms. Crazy roommates. Inedible meals in the dining hall. When it comes to college life, there are many myths, but what is college really like?

One of the greatest misconceptions about college life is that it is a non-stop party. We’ve all seen the movies. Ryan Reynolds’ infamous Van Wilder comes to mind, throwing parties with packed rooms full of sweaty, drunk and carefree students. There are never any textbooks in sight, only the loud thumping of the bass drum as everyone grinds to the beat. This image is a far cry from the truth.

There are parties, much like the ones we imagine, but is it like that 24/7? Absolutely not. During the week, college kids are more likely to be found in different settings. You’d be able to find students in the library, sitting for hours in the same chair surrounded by notebooks and empty Redbull cans. Dorms are another option for the students who get out of class and immediately return to the safety of their beds catching up on the sleep they didn’t get the night before.

Even though the thought of having non-stop parties entices the best of us, by the time the weekend rolls around the excitement after the busy week of note taking and essay writing is what makes parties truly enjoyable.

Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but I never had to wear flip-flops when I showered at home. Everything you thought about college bathrooms, before you actually got to college, is true. College bathrooms are bizarre places that we use out of necessity, not out of want. We say goodbye to having a sink, storage space and shower of our own. Unfortunately that means we’re trading in for a row of side-by-side sinks, bathroom stalls that always seem to be out of toilet paper and showers that we can’t even stand barefoot in. The best way to survive college bathrooms? Get in and out as quickly as possible.

Having a roommate for the first time can be awkward and unusual, especially if you go into your first meeting with preconceived notions about who they are or how living with them is going to be.  Ditch some of the awkwardness by not hardcore Facebook-stalking your soon-to-be roomie. When you live with someone you learn more about them than almost anyone you’ve ever come in contact with. You’re going to want to learn about them on your own time, and who knows, it may take months for you guys to finally click. Living with someone you’ve never met before seems daunting and scary, but if you stay open minded and supportive it can cause for an easier living situation.

Dining hall food is infamous. Being used to wonderful home cooked meals I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting myself into when I first came to college. The quality of dining hall food wavers meal to meal, with some dishes better than others. Find out other dining options on campus. Switching up meals can make your tolerance for dining hall food go up drastically.

There are many myths that come with college. A good attitude makes all the difference.

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