For the third time this year a Connecticut college student was murdered. University of Connecticut junior football player Jasper Howard was fatally stabbed at a university-sponsored event early Sunday morning.

With the murder of Annie Le fresh in the minds of college students, it again brings into mind the potential dangers of drunken weekends.

While early reports show Howard and fellow Huskies football players did not start the fight, it clearly happens on college campuses. Students drink too much, pick a fight and can wind up hurt. It is impossible to know what the person next to you will do or what weapon he or she is carrying.

The death of Howard also brings into light the major responsibility of a coach. Huskies head coach Randy Edsall received an early morning call informing him of the attack and he was the one who identified Howard’s body at 4:30 a.m. in the Hartford operating room.

While Fairfield has not seen the death of an athlete, soccer coach Carl Rees had to deal with an accident to Jack Cleverley last fall, and basketball coach Ed Cooley sat by Anthony Johnson as he dealt with a potentially deadly blood clot.

The role of coaches extends far beyond the athletic field. They are fathers and mentors, brothers and caretakers. It is a much tougher job than most believe.

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