On Tuesday night, The Ham Channel aired an exemplary special episode of “Into It! Live” on the election debacle, during which FUSA advisor Steve Winkel said that the mix-up was due only to “human error,” but that “nobody’s opinion of FUSA should change” because “FUSA is still a great organization.”

Such a statement is just ridiculous. Greatness, like a lot of other things, must be earned, and what went on last week during the FUSA elections makes it difficult, if not impossible, for anyone to call FUSA a “great organization.”

On election night, the first reports revealed that while 238 sophomores voted for Kevin Neubauer, only 55 voted for VP of Programming candidate Jillian Grant. Such a result is staggering in and of itself: when during the campaign did anyone see the name “Neubauer” without seeing “Grant” next to it? Not often. The fact that more than 183 sophomores would choose to vote against the ticket is very hard to believe.

The night of the elections, The Mirror challenged a number of people, some involved in FUSA, some not, to take a close look at the results. Every single person questioned said that the results reported that night were not normal, using adjectives such as “surprising,” “unusual,” “bizarre,” and “baffling.”

Students should not, however, focus their attention on only the election fiasco. Nearly one year ago former VP of Programming Bridget Hennessey told The Mirror that a large scale spring concert would not happen, mainly due to worries about the cost-effectiveness of such an endeavor. While no promises were made, most students were led to believe that the money saved by the lack of a spring concert would be used to help ensure that bigger and better names would be playing at Alumni Hall during the 2002-2003 school year.

Well, here we are, one year later, and our big name for the spring concert is…Howie Day?! Sure, some students may enjoy his music, but when The Mirror has to struggle just to find a picture of this guy for our news coverage on the concert, surely something could be said about his popularity.

So there we have it: Miami-Dade, FUSA style and quite possibly the most pathetic concert since Wyclef Jean. Do these sound like the accomplishments of a “great organization?”

We didn’t think so, either.

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