Amid the usual routine of campus life, sophomores and juniors have met in small groups, and planned the next academic year as best they could. Thanks to the often-mentioned size of the class of 2004, there have been numerous “crunches” throughout the past couple of years at the university.

This is not something that can be blamed on anyone. No one was at fault. Following their standard procedure, the university accepted a certain number of students and an unexpectedly high number decided to come to Fairfield. As a result, there was the initial “housing crunch” leaving freshmen tripled last academic year.

Then, at the beginning of this year, there were concerns that the number of cars that were going to be registered by this class would exceed the available parking spaces. There was added housing difficulty for the class of 2005, as some of these students were also tripled in the dorms. Now, there is yet another “housing crunch” to be addressed.

This sizeable student population now wants to enjoy the traditional perks of Fairfield upperclassmen, a more independent life style either on or off campus. For those lucky enough to secure off-campus residency on the Beach, the issue has ended there. However, long-standing university policy, which guaranteed townhouse or apartment housing for seniors, limits the amount of upperclassmen housing available for the incoming junior class. The solution has been the addition of one student to each townhouse.

It is not the best of circumstances, but it is clear that Fairfield has arrived at the best possible decision to maximize its students’ happiness with their living condition. Many more students will be able to enjoy the lifestyle afforded by life in a townhouse or apartment thanks to this modification of the townhouse population.

Furthermore, this policy will minimize the impact felt by underclassmen as much possible. With fewer juniors needing residency in the quad or the village, there shall be more available rooms. Sure, having a fifth or seventh person living in a townhouse will be an inconvenience, but the positives should be far greater.

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