This past weekend Fairfield University juniors and seniors witnessed the execution of one of the most successful weekend events in history. The annual townhouse party, “Spam Jam,” went off not only without any incident, but also without any large complaint by the student body. The event was well-organized, well-staffed, and most importantly, well run. Students were able to soak up the sun and suds for one glorious (if chilly) afternoon. The following day, rain and the lack of any promises for a Clam Jam kept students on campus and off Lantern Point. If there is a lesson to be learned from this past weekend, it is that the true answer to the beach problem at Fairfield University is not found in town-gown relations, it is found in weekend event planning. However, we at The Mirror are not referring to “Mega Bingo” or boring musical acts. What we are talking about is genuinely fun college events that will allow large groups of students to gather, socialize, and yes, age permitting, drink. For those who attended the party at the 8,9 and 10 blocks, Saturday was a blast. No real problems arose during Spam Jam’s five-hour running time. Security was present, but in no way overbearing. At five o’clock, students were not concerned with Fairfield’s apathy problem; they wondered why the party had to end. Next year, The Mirror implores the representatives of the Fairfield University Student Association to come up with more ways to create situations like last Saturday. If this school wants to solve its apathy problem, and the beach problem, there needs to be activities and events on campus that are appealing to everyone. And yes, in order to appeal to more people (at this school at least), beer would probably be a good idea. Failing that, we could always go to the beach.

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