With so much being said about the current fisticuffs going on between FUSA and SBRA, we at The Mirror have to ask ourselves, what’s the big deal?

The SBRA probably should have realized a few people were going to balk at a $110 event, but then again, it seems like students who do decide to attend will reap the benefits of that extra cash. So, in an effort to adress complaints (whether it was one or a billion doesn’t matter) FUSA has decided to host another event at a much lower cost.

Let’s not kid ourselves, folks. If ticket sales to 200 Nights have been sluggish, it can hardly be blamed on people opting for the FUSA sponsored event instead. College students are cheap; it’s a fact of life. Shouldn’t we instead be applauding FUSA for stepping up and doing something?

So for now, why don’t we stop complaining about FUSA infringing on SBRA’s turf and just be happy that at a school “where nothing happens” seniors will have one more event to attend this year.

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