An atheist, a practicing Catholic and a baptized Catholic walk into Fairfield University. When the Supreme Court asks their opinion on gay marriage, they all agreed that it should be legal throughout the country.

Our editorial board represents both coasts and the full-spectrum of the Catholic faith. On a small scale, we can come to an agreement. It’s time for the higher-ups to do the same.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court debated Proposition 8, California’s law banning same-sex marriage. Since the 2008 election when it was passed, Prop 8 has caused extensive debate. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, for example, stands by its opinion that a marriage must remain between a man and a woman. There are, however, many Catholics who disagree with this conservative outlook.

Although Fairfield is a Jesuit institution, our students maintain a wide range of opinions on same-sex marriage. Through LGBTQ Movement, Alliance is working to create a more supportive and welcoming environment on campus. With Safe Space Training, events to raise awareness and library exhibits, Fairfield continues to shed its previous “Princeton Review” rating of being an LBGTQ unfriendly campus.

If Fairfield’s attitude can change and adapt to the times, then shouldn’t the country and the Catholic church as a whole realize that they are quickly falling behind?

As members of the next generation, we have been raised with the constant debate of same-sex marriage. Through the domino effect, it is only a matter of time until same-sex marriage becomes commonplace. The sooner this is realized, the sooner we can adapt policies and Catholic practices to adhere to this social progression.

While the government and the Church continue their debate, The Mirror stands firm in our opinion: “Love is love.”  It’s time to shed conservative agendas and support people who choose to express their love differently than within the nuclear family.

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