College is a place where people go to gain a higher education. College is also a place where many people drink a lot of beer.

It makes perfect sense that when young, creative minds come together and have a beer or two, new methods of drinking it will come about.

And, thus, the fromble was born.

Many college students are familiar with alternate ways of beer drinking; ways in which a whole beer can be consumed without the tedious act of the conventional chug.

The funnel and the shotgun are two of the more popular methods. The fromble is relatively underground but is taking the sophomore class of Fairfield by storm.

To fromble, all you need is a standard 12-ounce can. To start the process, you put the can in your dominant hand and shake the beer to build up as much pressure inside as possible.

Once you feel that you have built up adequate pressure, you hold the can horizontally with both hands.

At this point, you start hitting the can on your forehead as hard as possible until a hole forms in the can, which usually happens in five to 10 strikes.

Next, you move the can down to your mouth and bite the can to make the hole bigger. Some people bite with their teeth.

Others prefer to put their lips over the can and apply pressure without their teeth touching metal.

From that point on, all you have to do is drink. The pressure in the can comes out of the hole which results in beer flooding down your throat just like any other method of drinking a whole beer in one shot.

The origins of the fromble is unknown. The first time I ever saw it was at a university north of here that is sometimes referred to as “the zoo.”

Those students were the best fromblers I’ve seen to date and if they aren’t the creators, they are certainly perfectors.

“I like to fromble,” said one male sophomore. “It is fun to do and hilarious to watch, I mean, I wouldn’t fromble every beer I had in a night, but it’s definitely a once a night thing.”

When asked if he had any tips for a first-time frombler, he said, “wear a backwards fitted hat your first time so you don’t end up with a bruise on your forehead.”

Not everyone is a fan of the fromble.

“It is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen,” said Kevin Manning ’11.

“It is a waste of beer, and people look like cavemen who have never seen a can before when they are slamming it on their heads,” he said.

There are definitely mixed emotions as to the acceptance of the fromble but there is one constant and even those who are anti-fromble will admit it.

“It is pretty funny,” said Manning. I find the fromble relatively harmless. Whoever came up with this idea is quite a pioneer.

Frombling is a spectator sport for me and it is likely to stay that way, but you know I’ll be the first fan to watch when I hear, “I’m going to Fromble!”

So, is the fromble an entertaining trick to do at parties or a dangerous and barbaric act?

The jury is still out on that but one thing is to be certain: Students on a college campus learn a lot more then what their professors teach them in class.

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