There must be some new unwritten rule stating that women cannot work out with men. Women-only gyms have become very popular. Even in the co-ed gyms, there are classes and cardio rooms just for women. Hands and eyes off, you guys.

Even the RecPlex has jumped on the bandwagon. Thursday nights from 6:30 to 8:30, the weight room is all for the enjoyment and use of the girls on campus. Oh happy day.

Usually when I go to the gym, I stick to the cardio room with the other girls. Safety in numbers, I guess. The cardio room is dominated by the female species, pumping away on the elliptical machines and trying to run on the treadmill without falling over. Well, at least that’s what I do. Those treadmills are tricky, let me tell you. Oh, and those colorful little plastic weights are fun. You could even color coordinate your gym outfit to match. That would be awesome.

Then, there are the guys. They swipe their cards and make an immediate sharp turn down the stairs to the weight room. Occasionally, there are a couple guys in the cardio rooms. The only machines any self respecting guy will use are the treadmills or the bikes.

This “Ladies Night” may be crossing a sacred barrier. For as long as mankind has existed, there are just some places that the opposite sex may not enter. The weight room is a prime example. It simply isn’t done. You do your thing and I will do mine.

Now, I do not think that women are to blame for the lack of women in the weight room. On the contrary, whoever set up the weight room in the RecPlex had to have been a man. Who else would put the ab area at the very end of the room? So, any girls that want to use them have to walk all the way down, passing everyone in the place. It is bound to make anyone uncomfortable.

I use the ab area about two or three times a week. I take the plunge after doing cardio and enter the fishbowl. It is like the walk of shame. You feel like every pair of eyes turns to you as walk by. OK, hi, hello. I just ran 3 miles or did some cardio and I am all sweaty and gross but feel free to stare. No problem.

By far the best part of the weight room is when I know someone in the gym. They think it’s great that I am in the weight room. I usually get asked to flex or something equally original. The guys always want to talk or introduce me to their friend. Good, great, grand, wonderful. Hey, at least I do abs. Give me some credit, I’m trying.

So, girls get down to that weight room. Infiltrate the forbidden territory and get toned at the same time. Guys, ask a girl if she needs someone to spot her. It is a great ice breaker and I am sure that lucky girl will be very appreciative. We might be able to find a way to use the weight room together in peace.

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