We have to admit: FUSA definitely stepped it up this year with the fall concert. After promising to play the “logistics game” right, FUSA finally managed to book an artist that sold almost 1900 tickets. The organizers certainly went all out with the marketing, starting with the series of teaser videos and then the free Carrie Underwood concert tickets. Well-played.

FUSA seemed to gauge the student body’s interest in music by paying attention to the EDM trend. Take the average student. A concert is announced for a band who plays a specific set of originals. Electronic or not, if this student doesn’t know a single song by the artist, it’s a guarantee they won’t go to the show. Nobody wants to be the kid who accidentally ends up in front of the barricade, having to mouth what they think the words might be just to fit in.

However, DJs are a different story. Although most will have a couple of originals, they base a majority of their sets on remixes of songs that everyone knows. For anyone who has sat in Barone for more than two meals a week, it was easy to pick out the pop anthems Diplo incorporated into his set and even easier to dance to.

But we’re not saying to book the first DJ you can find for future concerts. People came to Diplo because they either knew who he was or could figure it out after 15 seconds on Google. With mainstream collaborations with Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, No Doubt, and a variety of other acts, any student could feel justified paying 30 or 40 dollars to see the mysterious mogul of music production. Yet, if a DJ has little to no recognition or association in the real world, there’s no chance anyone will pay over 20 dollars to see them. And if they do, there’s a good chance a last minute beach party on that Friday night will take prominence in their weekend itinerary. Remember The Hood Internet’s set? Exactly.

We’d love for FUSA to let the general student population have a say in who’s the next artist to come to Fairfield. This way the majority of attendees will be satisfied and FUSA would be able to gauge their ticket sales earlier on.

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