Looking at my desk while I write this, I see a variety of technological items, including my laptop, iPhone and iPod. My friends’ desks are quite similar, give or take a Kindle, iPad or tablet. As if dorm desks aren’t crowded enough already, we had better get ready to add something else to the pile. Apple unveiled its new products on Sept. 9 and people will soon be flocking to pre-order the new treasures. However, there was one item in particular, the iPad Pro, that I feel is an unnecessary and irrelevant addition to the Apple family.

Referred until its official release in November as the iPad Pro, my first thought upon seeing the new product on CNN was “Why on earth do we need another iPad?” I personally do not own an iPad of any size, and I am in no hurry to get one. I never understood the point of what to me is just a larger version of my iPod and a smaller, less useful version of my computer.The new iPad Pro is a perfect example of this. It will have a 12.9 inch screen and a 2732 x 2048 pixel display — only slightly smaller than my ASUS Ultrabook laptop screen. I do realize that some people prefer iPads or other tablets for just that reason – because they are smaller than a computer, but still have a screen large enough to get work done efficiently. However, I believe that when you weigh the pros and cons of iPads and laptops, the laptop will come out on top.

Apple reasons that the iPad Pro will be the middle ground between a regular iPad and a Mac, targeting customers who want a large screen without actually having a laptop. However, I feel that it is just a waste of money. The new iPad will cost anywhere from $499-$829. That price, however, does not include accessories, such as a keyboard attachment or iPencil. My current laptop cost somewhere between $650-$700. For both products, the price will vary based on how much storage space you need.

Given that the new iPad Pro screen is already close to the size of most small laptops, I believe a laptop would be a better investment than the new iPad Pro. A laptop computer can run more programs than an iPad and is compatible with more things, such a Microsoft Office, can play and burn DVDs, CDs and run softwares, and still be small and easily portable. I also find computers more comfortable to use. If I need a big screen, I want my anti-glare laptop screen with my trusty keyboard, not a reflective touch screen or even one of those special attached keyboards that many people have with their iPads.

According to Business Insider, iPad sales have fallen 23 percent year-over-year for the past few years, and Apple may hope that this new iPad Pro will revert that statistic. While I don’t believe that the new iPad Pro will serve any real purpose, I will readily admit that Apple is probably right.

Whether the iPad Pro is serving a useful purpose or not, it is painfully obvious that people will buy almost any new device simply because it is new. They rely so heavily on their current devices and accept that they are making their lives so much easier that they reason the new ones will make their lives even less complicated.

Apple products tend to lose their attraction because there is always another version around the corner. The iPad Pro is unnecessary and will not make up for the excessive cost with its usefulness. If someone spends just as much, or a little more, on a computer, one can get something more practical and with a greater purpose rather than just another version of the same product.

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