Marvel vs. DC Comics. Avengers vs. the Justice League. Iron Man vs. Batman. For years, Marvel had undoubtedly come out on top in terms of all things superhero films, until summer 2017 when it was DC that came out with the first female superhero film, “Wonder Woman.” It was a box office hit that spent nearly 12 years in production over doubt that it would be successful, then blew audiences away and became the top grossing hit of the summer.

Now it’s Marvel’s turn. On Tuesday, Sept. 18, the trailer for Marvel’s “Captain Marvel” was released and We. Loved. It. Directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, with actress Brie Larson playing the title role and written by a group of female writers, everything from the cast and crew to every shot of the trailer screams “Girl Power.”

“Captain Marvel” showcases a brilliant undertaking of the empowerment of women and their ability to be leaders. The film follows Carol Danvers, a seemingly alien pilot who falls from the sky with memories of having lived on Earth before. The trailer shows three different generations of Danvers – from her as a little girl, to a teenager, to her modern adult appearance. Showing young Danvers growing from a young girl in a ponytail and brightly colored top to a teenager in a white t-shirt exemplifies that teaching women to be empowered and independent from a young age will encourage them to take on roles of leadership.

As a female-led, written and directed film, “Captain Marvel” has done away with using female superheroes for romantic storylines or as a side-kick and instead features Captain Marvel for her true role in society: a hero. This trailer nearly guarantees audiences that “Captain Marvel” will bring to light just what it means to be a female superhero. After all, as pointed out in a powerful moment of the trailer where the word “her” appears before being slowly accompanied by an “o,” try to spell “hero” without “her.”

The 2018-19 Ed Board is looking forward to the release of this film on March 8, 2019. From the trailer alone, we can see that “Captain Marvel” has the potential to be a strong, feminist film that will empower women in a way few superhero films have before. As The Mirror’s own Chief Copy Editor, Sabina Dirienzo ‘19, said upon seeing the trailer,   “They’re giving her a classic superhero arc – is this what being a white man feels like?”

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