When we thought this semester couldn’t get any stranger or any more stressful, a massive virus outbreak hit campus.
Just a month earlier super storm Hurricane Sandy devastated the town of Fairfield, giving us an unexpected week-long October break and displacing seniors from their beach houses.

What’s next- the end of the world? Conveniently, the Mayans have predicted this apocalypse for December 21, just in time to see us finish all finals and papers before our catastrophic end.

But don’t freak out. NASA has consistently shown the ancient Mayan calendar’s prediction of doomsday to be just another myth. The norovirus outbreak is dying out and seniors have once again populated the shores of Fairfield Beach. Life goes on.

In times of stress we can either fall and crumble under the pressure or rise up to the occasion. Despite the irregularity of a hurricane and a plague hitting the Fairfield campus in the span of a semester, disappointments, detours and failures are inevitable. We all have challenges where we wonder, “Why me?” Every semester we reach a point where we can’t imagine how we will finish all of our work.

But the work gets done. We keep going, we persevere.

We would like to note that the University has been very accommodating during this confusing time, making the stress much more manageable.

After the hurricane, Fairfield came to the rescue of the homeless seniors, provided free Barone to the powerless Townhouse residents, and cancelled classes for the entire week.

After the norovirus outbreak, self-serve was put on hold to reduce the spread of germs, Residence Life supplied sick students with care packages and cleaning crews worked non-stop to decontaminate the campus.

And with the semester’s unusual events pushing assignments closer together, professors have been, for the most part, understanding that our work load is higher than usual.

Fairfield is deserving of thanks for dealing with the oddest semester yet. With everything that’s happened, there’s really nowhere to go but up.

We’ll see what the spring has in store for us.

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