As we all know, Kanye West has been known for a lot more than his great music, and lately, all anyone can seem to talk about are his daily Twitter rants. West has always had an interesting way of putting things. In the middle of an interview he called himself his own favorite rapper, which was incredibly humble, might I add. Or, when he referred to himself as the Braveheart of creativity, implying again that there is no one like West. Although West has compared himself to Ghandi and Jesus, he may not be a role model for the ages. But we can learn the importance of loving yourself from West. As that old saying goes “love yourself like Kanye loves Kanye.”

This year, West has taken a more nuanced approach to building up his ego and that was taking on the Twittersphere. West took to Twitter to release all of this pent up confidence mixed with just a little bit of anger to vent about his personal strifes and successes, making it the ultimate #firstworldprob.

More recently, there was the famous Twitter fight that took place at the end of January between Kanye and Wiz Khalifa. The fight took a turn for the worse when Kanye made fun of Khalifa’s child with Amber Rose.That Twitter argument took a seat on the hot mess express when Rose responded with some jabs at West’s preferences in bed.

Of course, there was West telling the world about his financial problems, claiming he is $53 million in debt by being creative. This is probably another problem that only West will have. There should probably be a #kanyeprobs trending since it seems as though he’s getting less and less relatable. If there’s one thing we can’t deny it’s that West has an incredible knack for keeping the limelight on himself.

West has brought the word “confidence” to a new level and that can be most recently seen through this production of his clothing line. Yeezy seasons one through three have produced some very interesting pieces, many of which cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. These pieces include rips and holes, making this West lifestyle we all secretly want even that much harder to obtain. He’s proven again that being anything like him is nearly impossible and that his lifestyle is highly exclusive. But in the same light, that is the beauty of West, isn’t it? He’s everything we dream of being: the rockstar, the fashion designer, the poet, the family man, the millionaire, the social media expert. He’s taken all of our wildest dreams and made it into a reality and that’s the reason we hate him, but also the reason we love him. West truly is one of a kind.

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