A letter to future EdBoard,

When thinking about what to do for my first Editorial Board piece I wanted to not only make it special, but something to look back on as we embark on this journey-as our incredible staff leaves behind an amazing  legacy and putting the Mirror at such a high standard. I can’t help but to be both nervous and excited for this next chapter for the paper. Thus, here are Ed Board’s letters to our future selves, in 2023 as we lead the direction of the Mirror for the next year. 

Dear Maddy circa winter 2023, how are you? Currently you are working on your first issue as EIC, and it honestly has not hit you yet as you are trying to make sure everything is perfect, triple checked and ready to go for Tuesday. Even more so you want to be the best leader and even more so a friend to the new staff. The Mirror has never looked better and I honestly hope we keep the momentum going. The seniors who just left have been more than their titles in the office — they have all become true friends. I hope The Mirror has continued to be an office where that can happen.

So I ask you future self, what have you accomplished? What stories have you told? What voices on campus have been given the chance to be heard? What memories were made in that office in the corner of the BCC? As your time for the Mirror comes to a close, make sure to take it all in, and look to the future with excitement as you turn to this new page in your life. 

Hi Future Madison, as I write this, it feels surreal. You only joined The Mirror a year ago, and you definitely never thought that the first year would go so quick. The next time you read this, your tenure at The Mirror will be coming to an end and I’m sure that will feel even more surreal than this transitional period does now. In just a year you have written over 40 articles, who knows, by the time you read this Future Madison, maybe you will have hit 100. The Mirror has been more than a place of work and has been where some of my favorite memories in college have been made. 

Future Madison, I hope that as your time at The Mirror winds down you can look back at all the work you have done and feel so proud. You, Maddy and Tommy will achieve such greatness leading the incredibly talented new staff and I am so excited for what’s to come for you and the staff. All over campus, the buzz has been surrounding The Mirror and people are recognizing the great work the staff has been doing and I hope that when you read this, people are even more interested in The Mirror and The Mirror continues to grow and improve. I have no doubt that this staff will continue the legacy that the graduating seniors have left behind. 

I can’t wait to see the greatness this staff achieves and help be part of that greatness. I am nothing but proud of you for all that you have done at The Mirror and all that your staff members have done. Keep making me proud, keep doing what you are doing and keep the momentum the seniors this year are leaving behind. 

Hello future Tommy! If you’re reading this back at the end of your 2022-23 year of The Mirror, congrats on making it this far. What have you accomplished? Have you continued to make The Mirror a more transparent and responsible voice of the students? Have you held yourself to the highest standards of student journalism as possible? I sure hope you have. What does the sports section look like a year from now, just out of curiosity? 

As I am writing this right now, at the very beginning of my stint as managing editor, I have one thing on my mind. How will I fill the shoes of those before me? On our last staff, the managing editor position was held by two people as opposed to one (me). The workload seems a bit daunting, since now every role of those two is upon me, but I’m so confident that as you are reading this, all of your goals will be accomplished and that you’ve done amazing work up to this point. Maybe it sounds like I’m giving myself somewhat of a pep talk for the next few weeks, but hey, it’s going to be an adjustment. Change is scary sometimes. 

In my first Editorial Board, I just wanted to take the chance to outline a few goals and aspirations I want to accomplish alongside Madison, Maddy, and our amazing, now-massive staff for the 2022-23 year. I can’t wait to share this experience with everyone, and I hope that my future self is happy with our progress over a year!

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