To the Editor:

In response to the article written in the last issue, we as FUSA, would like to offer our rationalization on what we do. FUSA is and has always been built on the foundation that we are the governing board that advocates and represents the student body. This includes class community, club cohesiveness, initiatives, leadership, and programming. While programming may be the most visible and tangible product of our organization, it is difficult to articulate the intangible work done by the other facets of FUSA.

We would like to take this time to update the student body on some of our major initiatives that have made positive changes on campus. The Student Senate advocated for the Rent-A Book initiative that helped save students over $50,000 worth of books this semester alone.  Also this year, FUSA was able to get five questions placed on the IDEA form which is the new course evaluation that the University is implementing. Our newly restructured COSO board (formerly known as SOBOG), is set up to fully assist student clubs in the development, publicity, and funding processes.  The four Class Councils have put on quality events that are class specific and have chosen class causes that will help the outside community while rallying the student body. Our progress on all of these initiatives are both intentional and strategic in the fact that we truly are passionate about these issues and working tirelessly to improve the experience for all Fairfield students.

In reviewing the mission of Programming we aim to provide well versed programs for students to partake in as both an alternative option for the weekend as well as something to add to their college experience. Did you know that FUSA produces more than 50 events a semester? Each branch, as stated in the pie chart, has a separate budget with different objectives and definitions of success. While the concert and special events attract a large percentage of the student body, late Night Programming and Cultural Celebrations tend to draw a more engaged crowd. In the past years, Programming was solely based off of policy in the fact that a program was mandated every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. The quality of the programs was jeopardized because of this strong demand and pressure to continually produce. Looking at today, FUSA Programming is driven by a higher standard of quality in which programs make a name for themselves. Students then recognize these events as novelties that are going to happen such as Late Night at Barone, Santa’s Workshop, and Free Extreme Bowling. Attendances at these events are consistent with student satisfaction.

Here is a behind the scenes sneak peak of what goes on when programming an event. One to two months prior to the event date, an idea is born. From there, programmers breakdown and research the logistics and materials needed to execute. Sometimes this consists of contacting agents or creating the resources and allure of a homemade event. This includes a set up and breakdown of chairs and tables of around $150 and ordering food from Sodexo which costs about $250. It adds up! After everything is set in order, the event must be publicized so students are informed and interested including mini giveaways and larger eye-catching items. Finally, after hours of work and preparation, the event occurs.

FUSA programming overall has an array of events ranging from cultural awareness programs to support the University’s global citizenship theme to the $102,000 concert that blew your minds. No matter your mindset or what your interests may be, we provide quality well-funded programs that allow all students to reap the benefits of the $95 student activities fee.

So, come and get your feet wet and see what we are all about during our six events this week. If you are not satisfied, you now have the opportunity to take part in the Constitutional Convention and make the change you want to see happen.


The FUSA Executive Cabinet: Gregory Burke, Aaron Chan, Angela Delmonico, Lauren Johnson, Caitlin Liguori, Eddie Muniz, Chrissy Perez, Katerina Sanchez, & Katie Sillo

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