To the Editor:

In last week’s His iPhone section, the writer advocated for the dissolving of IRHA, at least according to his image of a more perfect Fairfield U. While the writer is entitled to his opinion, we can’t help but question the accuracy of his assertions. We would like to bring to light the important role that IRHA plays in the Fairfield community.

First of all, the programming of our organization puts together very popular events such as Singled Out, Fairfield Idol, and of course Spring Weekend. Working with a substantially lower budget than FUSA, we are able to program effectively and with a very high attendance rate.

Secondly, IRHA works to promote a strong community structure within the Residence Halls, and the RCCs have the unique ability of being able to program specifically for their buildings, something that adds a more personal touch to the programs. Community building is also a key aspect of Jesuit education, and IRHA is certainly a strong advocate for working towards that goal.

Finally, our organization has taken on a high level of student advocacy issues, something that no other organization on campus can claim. Last semester we successfully negotiated the Quick Center parking compromise (which was featured on the front page of a recent Mirror publication), worked with Public Safety on reforms to the Guest Pass Policy, and we are continuing to use our unique relationship with the Office of Residence life to work on needed adjustments to the housing lottery system for the Fall of 2011.

While IRHA certainly admires the journalistic work of the Mirror staff, we hope that in the future more information is gathered before making such a drastic statement. Our organization is certainly not perfect, but we do play an integral role in the Fairfield community, one that should not simply be relinquished with the stroke of a pen. We are always open to constructive student concerns on how to improve the work we do on campus, and we hope to continue to make Fairfield a better place for all Resident Students.


The IRHA Executive Board

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