Letter to the Editor:

This letter is in response to the article, “Freshmen Strive to Bring Greek Life to FU,” the front-page article for the week of November 20, 2013. In the article, Robert Joyce stated that FU students Ferry and Peacock “have gained support from FUSA and COSO.” This is an inaccurate statement for several reasons. First, official support from FUSA implies a majority approval of the Senate with a signature from the FUSA President. Secondly, we would like to state on the record that COSO will remain impartial during this process.

FUSA opinion shall remain impartial until there is a Senate vote on the matter. However, we do support the idea of two students taking the initiative on something they believe in, and we will help them throughout the process. We have a duty to our constituents to propose initiatives to the Administration and the Board of Trustees that a large portion of the student body support.

We hope that the students reading this letter are aware of the way in which official support from FUSA is reached. We encourage undergraduate students and The Mirror reporters to address the Senate or ask their respective class Senators about various initiatives that affect the undergraduate student body.


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