To The Editor:

I am compelled to respond to the attack that was made last week on the reputation of the Dolan School of Business and education that it provides (Business Students Get the Jobs, Liberal Arts Students Get the Education 1/25/07). The headline alone makes the audacious assertion that while business students find employment with ease upon graduation, they leave the school with an inferior education.

As an accounting major I was surprised to learn that anyone in the College of Arts and Sciences harbors disesteem for the DSB, because I certainly have never held contempt for departments outside of the business school.

My experience with classes in other disciplines has always been enlightening, and I’ve never sensed that my professors or fellow students resented or looked down upon my academic major. I have not taken a class at this institution that did not increase the breadth and depth of my education in some way. Because of this personal experience, it is my hope that perhaps the outlandish declarations made by the author are opinions held by her alone, and not everyone associated with the College of Arts and Sciences.

I feel that it is necessary to first point out that each and every student who graduates with a degree in business has completed at least four semesters of courses in the College of Arts and Sciences. This alone provides business students with a deeper understanding of some of the issues that the author addressed, such as poverty and social justice in the world.

Additionally, because of the Jesuit tradition these four semesters lend a wealth of perspectives and techniques that aid personal growth and self discovery. I have certainly gained both an understanding of myself and the people that I will be affecting on a large scale when I begin my career.

Furthermore, I feel obligated to shed light on the fact that majoring in business is by no means “taking the easy way out.” I think this comment diminishes the many distinguished accomplishments of both the faculty and students of the Dolan School of Business.

A firm grasp on both the art of writing and analytical reasoning are essential to success in the DSB. I challenge Miss Cota to enroll in an accounting course or two before she dismisses the business school as inferior to her life choices again.


Kate Brady ’07

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