To the Editor,

There is a fine line between a joke and an insult. Do you know what the difference between the two is? Context.

The context of any situation or conversation dictates the connotation of everything said. The past two ‘He Said’ articles, written by Josh Kenney, have overstepped this fine line.

Kenney’s vitriolic and rancorous columns do not make me laugh; the articles make me ashamed that a periodical representing our school allows such gross abuse of the student body. Anybody who understands the context of this column realizes his ‘jokes’ are not jokes: they are insults.

Contextually, when an RA (Kenney) pompously refers to the ‘underachieving portion of the student population’ and weekday ‘hedonism,’ I fail to see the comedy. When the same guy who breaks up your party writes about how you should act at said party (The column on party etiquette) it’s not funny; it’s ironic in that Oedipus kind of way.

Kenney has taken the ‘He Said’ column and turned it into his own personal forum to take potshots at the Fairfield student body.

As Mark Pace ’09 wrote in his previous Letter to the Editor, the ‘He Said’ column used to be the best bathroom reading on campus. Now this column isn’t worth the toilet paper I use to conclude my bathroom sojourns.

Next time I want to get attacked by an RA for partying at college I’ll run around the townhouses naked pouring tall boys down my throat. Maybe I’ll run into Josh and he can write his next article about the ‘sexually charged, testosterone fueled debauchery’ I was partaking in as he wrote me up.

Sincerely,’ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘
J. Christopher Henschel ’10

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