To the Editor:

It is with profound grief that we express our immense gratitude to all who have comforted us during this difficult time.

Our nephew, Mark Fisher, was brutally killed on Oct. 12, 2003 in the Argyle Rd. section of Brooklyn, N.Y.

This senseless killing has not only shattered his immediate family, but also his extended family. No parent or grandparent should experience the pain of interring their son or grandson.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation for the boundless love and continuing support that our family has received by so many caring individuals and institutions throughout the community. He was greatly loved and respected by everyone. To know Mark was to love Mark.

His loss has reminded us just how much of an extraordinary human being he was in his brief life not only to his family, but to so many other lives.

It is with honor that my sister and I have created the Mark S. Fisher Foundation in order to maintain his legacy and memory of generosity, determination, and humility.

Our family and the NYPD have placed a reward totaling $40,000. In order for Mark’s family, especially his mother, father, sister, and brother to be at peace with this horrific event, it is our hope that anyone with information about this incident will come forward to the NYPD so that justice can be served.

Respectfully yours,

Ruby Bonanno and Helida Di Giacomo Aunt and Uncle of Mark Fisher

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