To the Editor :

In regard to Meredith McKenna’s article about the Ignatian Residential College – wow. I haven’t heard a tone this whiny since Jack didn’t get to dance with Kevin Bacon on Will ‘ Grace.

She obviously missed the entire point of the Ignatian College. Its purpose is not to take away our individuality and turn us into a “cult.” Instead, we are encouraged to accept ourselves and others not in spite of our differences, but because of our unique talents and abilities.

I feel privileged to know all the friends I have made through Ignatian, both the alums from last year and the great group I’m living with now.

As far as finances go, if anyone feels cheated because of the “exclusive” programs, don’t worry. Every rising sophomore has an opportunity to be a part of it. As they told me in CCD, be patient and wait your turn.

Whether or not you choose to take advantage of what’s being offered is up to you. And, Meredith, too bad you didn’t join the Ignatian College, it may have served to open your narrow mind.


Amy Mayrhofer ’06

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