To the Editor:

Your article by Carleigh Brower, published 11/6/03, “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…” and it’s journalistic license discredits me personally, and compels a response.

I have not, but if you wish, I am certain you are entitled to find out who called the police to lodge a complaint about your Halloween / birthday party. This is not of consequence to me. What is of consequence is that it was not I. I was home during the night of your party. It did not disturb me. I am happy you took the energy to celebrate your birthday and life itself.

It’s unfortunate you apparently feel resentful for paying high rent without the unbridled ability to do as you will, regardless of the effects on the neighborhood. Resentful enough to portray me an unreasonable neighbor who hates college kids. This is very much far from the truth.

If you have concerns about the police responding, or stopping by at your home, you can make an appointment to see me, or my superiors, at the police department anytime. Your concerns will be addressed there I am sure. I do hope that you take advantage of this option.


Michael Walsh Lieutenant Fairfield Police Department

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